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40th All Breed Championship show

Saturday 15th October

Our show in 2011 was held at

Lockmeadow Market, Barker Road, Maidstone, Kent. ME16 8R

It was a beautiful day and entries were up by 20% on 2010.
We hope our exhibitors and judges enjoyed their day.
Best of Variety winners are shown below.
The overall Best in Show pedigree was Ch Tumbletoes Marigold
and the overall Best in Show Household Pet IGMC Just
Hope to see you all (and more) next year on 20th October at the same venue.

Schedule (for information only!)







Ch Tumbletoes Marigold
AOC Non-Self Exotic Adult F (70 12 1)
Owned by Ms S Johnson and Mrs P Norman
Bred by Mr & Mrs Dodman

Lafrebella Masquerade
Tortoisehell F (11)
Owned by Mrs M Hawke
Bred by Mrs Bangs

Pr Firanty Outoftheblue
Blue MN (3)
Owned by Mrs M Williams
Bred by Mrs Cooke


Ch Bleugems Isn’t She Lovely
Bi-Colour Ragdoll (inc Red & Tabby) F (66 31)
Owned by Mr & Mrs Beal
Bred by Mrs Percival

Nandinakatts Love Machine
Norwegian Forest M (67 31t)
Owned by Ms J Candler
Bred by Mr & Mrs Marlow & Miss De Dios

Gr Pr Katuza Kalif
Seal Point Birman MN (13c1)
Owned & bred by Mrs J Bush


Ch Graygees Gaius Marius
Black Silver Tabby M (18)
Owned by Dr K Kempsell
Bred by Mrs Brown

Tigatails Silver Bruce Lee
Black Silver Spotted MN (30s)
Owned by Mr D Hamlin and Miss E Johnson
Bred by Mrs Hewitt

Pr Silvercloud Angel Eyes
Tipped Neuter FN (39)
Owned by Mrs L Lee
Bred by Mrs Clerkin


Imp Gr Ch Typhast Hurricane
Brown Spotted Bengal M (76 30)
Owned and Bred by Mr & Mrs Alger-Street

Spiritwalker Bootselectric
Devon Rex M (33a 19)
Owned and bred by Mrs S Hornsby

Imp Gr Pr Kaluikatz Arabesque
Brown Marbled Bengal FN (76 20)
Owned by Mrs S Lee
Bred by Mrs Hedoes


Ch Kymian Beatrice
Brown Tortoiseshell F (27e)
Owned and bred by Prof K Jarvis

Kymian Nutmeg
AOC Tortoiseshell F (27h)
Owned by Mrs P Brabner
Bred by Prof K Jarvis

Imp Gr Pr Hypnos Tigerlily of Irrep
AOC Tortoiseshell FN (27h)
Owned by Ms P Hutchison
Bred by Ms Hope


Ch Draculita Cosimo
Red M (37d)
Owned & bred by Mrs L Dent

Shermese Daisy-Chain
Ticked Tabby F (45b)
Owned by Mrs D Kitchener
Bred by Mrs Simpson

Toghar Ihaveadream
Black MN (37)
Owned by Mrs S Stone
Bred by Mrs Hirst


Gr Ch Johpas Mizmixture
Tortie Point F (32b2)
Owned by Mrs P Cook
Bred by Mrs Reed

Mafdet Masquerade
Caramel Point M (24n)
Owned & bred by Mrs C Bowles-Gowdy

Gr Pr Atariq Fiori
Lilac Point MN (24c)
Owned & bred by Mrs Y Sibley

Household Pet



MC Foodee
Black SLH MN
Owned by Mrs C Mason

Pedigree Pet



IGMC Just Willyum
Cinnamon SH MN
Owned by Mrs S Lowell


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